Integrating managed services into an organization does not have to be a fully-outsourced solution. More and more organizations are turning to managed network providers for partial IT outsourcing even if they currently have and wish to continue to have an internal team managing aspects of their information technology.

A reliable managed network partner can seamlessly work as a supplement to your existing IT team, helping monitor your infrastructure, manage security requirements and help resolve any everyday incidents that may occur.

Below are 5 reasons why companies who intend to continue managing IT in-house can still benefit from partial IT outsourcing with a Managed Network provider.

Become More Proactive in Your Approach to IT

Managed Services provide proactive IT support. Being proactive in your approach to information technology naturally improves the security of your network and infrastructure. Many organizations who manage 100% of their IT in-house gravitate towards a reactive model no matter how good their intentions are. Taking a reactive approach to IT leaves your organization open to severe vulnerabilities that can turn in to major issues down the road. You fix what’s broken, but may forgo patching servers, backing up data, monitoring systems and may not be aware of new risks that may impact your security.

Leaning on a managed services provider for administrative assistance can also decrease risks associated with human error, by limiting the number of people who have in-house admin access.

Gain Access to Additional Resources

A second set of eyes can make a huge difference, especially for organizations with smaller IT departments or a single individual managing in-house IT processes. If your IT guy has a question he doesn’t have to let his decision-making hinge on his gut – he can send an email or make a phone call and get assistance right away. These resources provide more than just general IT support – they know everything about your unique network environment and its intricacies to provide personalized support.

Take Burdens Away from Internal Staff

End-user support is a monotonous task that most internal IT staffers don’t enjoy. If a printer fails to connect to a machine, who is the first person that gets a phone call? It’s the IT guy. The IT guy gets up, walks down the hall, fixes the issue in 2 minutes and goes back to his desk. Then 10 minutes later, a marketing manager stops him to set up a VPN for an employee who will be working remote next week. It never ends. Routine monitoring can help avoid many of the technology issues that may occur within your organization, while monotonous tasks can be offloaded to leave your IT team free to focus on planning, strategic developments and go home at 5 every night.

 Keep Everyone Ahead of Industry Trends

When the work piles up and you’re playing catch-up, it’s hard to keep up with new updates that need to be pushed and new programs that you should invest in. A managed network operation has the resources to provide proactive IT support and keep you informed on what’s new in the world of technology.

Decrease Costs & Add Value to Your Operations

When working with a Managed Network provider alongside your internal team, you’re spending an additional monthly fee and are not saving salary, so how can one possibly help save on your overall IT budget? Remember the old slogan “time is money?” By reallocating your staff to focus on more strategic planning, you’re investing in revenue-driving opportunities. A Managed Network provider can also help your organization make budgeting more predictable, by proactively protecting against threats, while also being able to assist in cloud migration support, which can save significant costs on maintaining bulky in-house servers.

Should Your Team Consider Partial IT Outsourcing?

Even if you’re not “fully outsourcing” your IT, a managed network vendor can provide significant benefits to your organization and make everyone on your team – even if it’s just a team of one – happy.

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