Do you want to hear the most shocking truth about the tech industry? (Make sure you’re sitting down.)


Everyone wants to save money!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. With inflation pushing prices higher and higher, there isn’t a business in St.Louis looking to save a little on their bottom line. As new technology rolls out each year and software updates come at a more rapid pace, businesses are feeling the pinch in their technology budgets. 

One way businesses are saving money is by partnering with an IT Services Provider . If you are looking to maximize your technology budget, this guide will explain why partnering with an IT service provider like ThrottleNet is the way to go.

What are the Cost Benefits of a Managed Service Provider?

1. Expertise Always Saves

Managed service providers provide a cost-effective solution for businesses by combining strategic, technical, and operational expertise in order to maintain their infrastructure. This allows businesses to not only save money on the cost of hardware and software, but also on labor costs associated with maintenance and updates, as these tasks can be managed remotely by the MSP.

2. Proactive Approach Against Cyberthreats

MSPs provide proactive security measures that help protect against cyber threats. IT service providers use the latest cybersecurity technology to identify potential areas of vulnerability and proactively implement countermeasures to ensure your business is more secure. Additionally, MSPs utilize automated patching and system monitoring tools to ensure any changes are applied quickly and accurately across all devices and systems.

3. Scalability

IT service providers provide scalability for businesses as demand or requirements change. This ensures businesses don’t need to invest in additional IT resources when their needs increase but instead can simply scale up or down according to their current requirements – allowing them to save money while still having access to the necessary infrastructure they need.

4. In-House Teams are Expensive!

The cost of maintaining an in-house IT team can be expensive. Not only do you need to pay for the salaries, but there are also additional costs such as training, licensing, and hardware associated with having your own team. By partnering with an MSP, businesses can save money by gaining a team of experts with years of experience without having to hire in-house IT support.

Keep in mind, we aren’t saying that having an in-house team is a bad idea. It’s not! Smaller companies often rely on an in-house team for their IT needs. But if you are looking to save every penny possible while successfully ushering your business into the next age, partnering with a managed service provider can be the way to go.

You Need Tech Nerds Who Know Their Stuff

At ThrottleNet, we’re not shy about our experience. We are even less shy about the fact that our award-winning IT support team is composed of tech nerds and experts with years of experience in the industry. 

Whether you need help with managed IT services, cloud computing, or proactive cybersecurity solutions, we have a team dedicated to helping your business succeed. And our commitment to customer service has earned us numerous awards over the years – so you know when you partner with ThrottleNet, you’ll be getting the best IT support available.

Contact us today to learn how partnering with an IT Service provider can save your business money on your 2023 technology budget! 

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