ThrottleNet named the #1 Cybersecurity Firm in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly, says it is offering security awareness training to meet the challenges of today’s complex cyber threat landscape, and the profound impact a business’s employees can have on company security.

Why Is Investing in Security Awareness Training Vital to St.Louis Businesses?

“Security awareness training is a must because employees can easily mishandle something simple like
an email, be tricked into downloading a ransomware-laden file, hand over their password or give an
authorized person sensitive data,”
said George Rosenthal, ThrottleNet President. “Proper training can
help prevent these mistakes from occurring and transform the company’s greatest security risk-its people-into its greatest defensive asset,” Rosenthal said, according to reports, the cost of phishing attacks has almost quadrupled over the past six years, and large US companies report losing an average of $14.8 million annually or $1,500 per employee to phishing.

Even small businesses spend an average of over $955,000 to restore business back to normalcy after a cyberattack. Seven in 10 customers even said they would stop doing business with a company that has a data beach.

“Millions of dollars are also lost due to violations and non-compliance problems,” he added. “Companies
empowering their employees through security awareness training can gain a host of benefits such as
reduced security costs, increased compliance and a big edge against cyberattacks.”

According to Rosenthal, companies like ThrottleNet can help with a variety of security awareness training
courses. Topics include combating phishing emails, malware, ransomware, social engineering, data
leakage, and password security. Training for CEOs and executives is also available. This includes preventing CEO fraud, plus mobile device security, safe web browsing, defining and handling sensitive information, and defining and dealing with social engineering.

All courses are offered as part of ThrottleNet’s managed network and cybersecurity solution. “The strongest line of defense against cyberattacks lies with the company’s employees,” Rosenthal emphasized. “How they manage, access, and share their data can cost a company into the seven figures if they are not safe. The investment in security awareness training is becoming mandatory for both large and small businesses.”
Give us a call or visit our Security Awareness Training page here to learn more about how our security offering helps protect and secure your St.Louis business from malicious threat actors.

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