Four Common Helpdesk Issues IT Guys Pull Their Hair Out Over

In most businesses, the IT guy is a jack of all trades. While this individual is responsible for implementing company policies, discovering new technology and making sure the server doesn’t catch on fire he is constantly getting bombarded with IT help desk questions that drive him crazy.

Common helpdesk issues that occur in a department strained for resources can limit or altogether halt the productivity business owners demand from their IT workforce.

Below are four common IT help desk questions that contribute to declines in productivity:

Email Setup

Email set up is by far one of the most common IT complaints help desk employees have, representing about 12% of total help desk requests. Not only is email setup a common mundane task, but the time it takes adds up in larger organizations. It takes about 12 minutes for IT to set up a user email account. For a company with 1,000 employees, it’s not unrealistic for these common helpdesk issues to drain 200 hours of an employee’s time each year.

Activating Mobile Devices

Providing a work phone to employees is a great benefit, but one that drains IT resources. Setting up a mobile phone requires activating the SIM card, verifying the device ID number and confirming data and voice capabilities are activated.

Company Policy Questions

The IT guy internally screams “read the dang handbook” every time an employee asks IT help desk questions that can be answered by simply reading the dang handbook. An end user may have an example about the companies bring your own device policy or whether they’re allowed to access the cloud when working from home. These common helpdesk issues can be addressed in advance by clearly outlining and communicating company policies leaving no room for interpretation.

Getting Locked Out

Having to reset a user account is one of the most common IT complaints that drain valuable time from organizations. About 5% of IT help desk questions deal with passwords and passcodes which can add up to over 100 hours of handling time each year. Sometimes, accounts require password changes and sometimes end users forget the answers to their own security questions. It’s their fault if they don’t remember their mother’s maiden name but it is their fault that two years ago they forgot to capitalize the first letter of it, right?

Give Us Your Common Helpdesk Issues & Focus on What’s Truly Important

IT help desk questions take time to answer and get resolved. If you’re a smart IT guy you don’t want your day-to-day bogged down with these common helpdesk issues when you’ve been meaning to finish that big project for several months – especially when the boss constantly wants status updates.

A Managed Network partner can alleviate the burden many of these IT complaints cause, allowing your internal team to focus on driving revenue and creating the next big thing.

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