We’ve turned the page on 2015. With a new year comes time to reflect on what we’ve put behind us and the excitement that lies in front of us.

It’s New Year’s Resolution time. Your personal goals might be to lose weight, save money or curb your endless Netflix marathon habit. Now’s the time to make a change.

The same holds true for businesses. With a new year comes new budgets and new opportunity. Strictly looking at IT management, what are the things you want your business to focus on differently in 2016?

Above all else, you want your business to grow in 2016. Make commitment to seeing it happen by considering these New Year’s Resolutions for IT in 2016.


Lose Weight!

15 pounds, 20 pounds, it doesn’t matter! You want to be leaner, but more productive at the same time. It seems impossible, but with a little bit of a push, you can accomplish this goal.

Streamlining your network through the cloud lets you put that closet full of servers to better use. Transitioning to the cloud decreases your costs to house data internally, and actually provides better security, and uptime, making your workplace more efficient day-in, day-out.

Get Organized!

When it comes to technology, do you truly know what’s best for your business? Do you have an expert in IT looking out for your network 24/7? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Is your IT staff overwhelmed to the point where their entire day is spent responding to trouble tickets?

Managed Network services allow your business to focus on growing rather than reacting. Having a trusted leader and partner available to go the extra mile to help your business grow may be exactly what you need heading into the New Year.

Spend Wiser!

Whether it’s investing in the cloud or new hardware rather than throwing good money at old problems or implementing anti-virus solutions that actually work, your business should be focused on ensuring It budgets are met and not overshot.

For the cost of one-full time employee (who we do not endorse replacing) you can have a full team of IT professionals committed to growing and enhancing your business through our Support Crew program.

Quit Bad Habits!

Maybe you’re running Windows XP in 2016. Maybe you don’t have a backup solution in place. Maybe your IT Department causes more problems than it solves. Regardless, we make it easy to identify and correct those issues that could be holding your business back from reaching its true growth potential.

Make ThrottleNet Part of Your New Year!

Let’s pop champagne and prepare for a great year together! We won’t even make you kiss us at midnight.

ThrottleNet is St. Louis’ premier solution for managed network services, cloud solutions and just about everything IT.

Try us for free today and see how we can help get your business running full throttle into 2016 and beyond.