Many businesses have started charging high prices and offering mediocre or questionable services with little to no perks or incentives. In the world of IT, managed service providers have revolutionized how you can get high-quality, affordable IT.

Getting a great deal on IT services shouldn’t be a one-time transaction or only available to new customers at the time of sign-up. Besides flexibility and freedom to change or renew your IT services as needed, ThrottleNet has come up with several ways to make your IT services more affordable on an ongoing basis.

Getting a free month of IT services or actual cash back with ThrottleNet is as simple as just spreading the word about our services to your trusted network. It doesn’t end there: not only do we offer a no-risk, no-fuss 30 day trial period, we’ll actually pay for cancellations before the end of the trial period! Not only do ThrottleNet’s customers have nothing to lose by trying out our affordable IT services, but there’s also potential to gain!

Here are three ways that ThrottleNet makes outsourcing your IT services more affordable:

Referral Program for Affordable IT Services

Our approach to providing high-quality and affordable IT services revolves around trust. We want our services to be as accessible and flexible as possible so that you can get the options you need without worrying about being locked into expensive long-term contracts. With our referral program, we reward you for referring great clients to our affordable IT services.

Our referral program can make your IT services more affordable in two ways:
Managed network service plans can earn a free month or discounted month of service with a successful referral. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!
Successful workstation referrals can earn $1,000 for ten eligible workstations or $500 for successful referrals for fewer than ten workstations.

Either way, you’re making money just by spreading the word about the IT services you’re already using.

30 Days Commitment-Free and $1000 Guarantee

We give new meaning to the concept of satisfaction guaranteed. Not only will trying our IT services not cost you money, but we’ll actually PAY YOU $1,000 if you decide to leave before the end of the 30 day trial period. How’s that for an incentive? Why would we do this? For one, we understand that finding a new IT service provider is no small feat. It’s also not cheap in most cases.

In addition to making our IT services as flexible and affordable as possible, we’ll kick in an extra incentive to help you hedge your bets and throw in a little peace of mind to make the decision easier for your company.

No Contracts and No Onboarding Fees

Whether you’re with us for six months or five years, you’ll never be locked into a contract or oppressive terms of service. We offer month-to-month contracts, so you’re free to cancel at any time should your business needs or budget change. You’ll also save money on additional onboarding fees.

We don’t just want to offer you the best managed IT services at the best prices. We want you to profit from your investment with us! Contact ThrottleNet today to get started!

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