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Microsoft Lumia 950: It Could Be Better

The Lumia 950 is Microsoft’s attempt to turn your phone into something like a full-on Windows PC. It is built to move you to the next level of worker productivity. Unfortunately it comes up a little short.

The first Windows 10 device is designed to extend the benefits of the Windows experience

to the smart phone. The goal is to use the phone to power a desk type experience to a monitor. This includes syncing office documents and photos across all your devices and connecting with the Windows store so your favorite apps, game, music and video are all in one place.

On the plus side...


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Gmail To Introduce Smart Reply

Everyone is looking to make everything a little easier. Sometimes, we can’t come up with the right words to say when responding to a simple email. “I wish my email would take care of itself,” you say.

Well, Gmail has listened, introducing a new Smart Reply feature set to roll out soon.

The latest feature in Gmail scans email specifically looking for messages that it thinks you need to respond to. Let’s say your wife emails you asking “what’s for dinner?” Gmail will come up with three different, short responses you can send automatically. Those smart replies could be “Tacos.” “Stop bothering me at work.” or “I don’t know, babe, maybe we should go to that nice restaurant tonight? J”

If you opt to select a Google-provided Smart Reply, you can of course add to it or edit after selecting your option. After all, a short one-sentence response may give the recipient the frame of mind that you didn’t care to take much time in your response.

Read our thoughts on the latest Gmail feature now!

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How to Get Around IT Barriers that Prevent IT Innovation

Technology continues to adapt for the better. Driverless carsdrones delivering packages and wearables are all examples of IT innovation companies across the globe are working towards to make the world a more manageable place to live in.

IT innovation isn’t without obstacles, however. IT innovation companies across the globe are working towards to make the world a more manageable place to live in.

Management is always pushing their IT staff to come up with the next big thing because IT innovation helps fuel profits. But the daily more immediate responsibilities of IT staffers often puts IT innovation on the shelf.

According to a report in Baseline Magazine, which polled 2,785 global IT professionals, there are eight important IT barriers preventing professionals from following through with development of IT innovation.

Read more.

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New Report: Most Tech-Savvy Employees Are The Ones Most Likely to Create Risk

Meet the business world’s riskiest user

A new report from Intermedia of some 2,000+ office workers has some surprising findings regarding corporate risk and security.

Intermedia’s 2015 Insider Risk Report,, indicates that despite conventional wisdom, the most tech-savvy employees are the ones most likely to create risk.

The survey revealed that 97 per cent of employees have access to some form of sensitive or confidential information. Almost all of those, some 93 per cent, admit to engaging in at least one form of poor data security.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Should You Buy It Now?

The much publicized Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet will be available to the public this month.  The new model has many upgrades and features over the Surface Pro 3 model, but is now the time to buy one? 

Microsoft has for years been touting that their Surface line is the first tablet than can replace a laptop. The Surface Pro 4 comes closer to that promise.

Consider some of the specs... 


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Are You Using Skype For Business?

Twelve years following its launch, it appears Skype is all grown up.

Throughout its existence, Skype has been best known as a communication tool for long-distance friends, making new ones and spur-of-the-moment journalism, but now the popular app and desktop program seems poised to officially enter the workforce following the rollout of Skype for Business.

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Ready or Not, Here EMV Cards Come

Awhile back, we wrote about the future of credit cards and how pin and chip technology will potentially cut down on data breaches, as well as the challenges of a nationwide rollout.

October 1 has come and gone, and Visa and MasterCard have made good on their promise to equip their cards with the pin and chip technology that has been present in Europe for years.

The full transition to pin and chip technology (EMV cards) has probably been harder on retailers than consumers. Banks have already, or will inevitably, send consumers new cards with an explanation of the change, but not everyone is aware of these new requirements.

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Should iPad Users Go “Pro”?

By George Rosenthal

Apple made a big splash at its September event with the announcement of its new king-sized tablet, the iPad Pro.

Scheduled for a November release, the “Pro” is Apple’s biggest tablet to date. It is 78% bigger than the iPad Air 2 and has lots of features and options such as a slick stylus and a detachable keyboard cover.

The device features a 12.9 inch Retina display with a nice resolution of 2732 x 2048. It weighs in at a relatively light 1.57 pounds with 10 hours of battery life.

The Pro runs on Apple’s new iOS9 operating system. They say it will nearly double the CPU performance of the iPad Air 2 with refined Multi-Touch technology...

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Occupational Burnout in The Information Security Field – How Managed Network Can Save Small Businesses From The Same

It’s no secret that people in the information security field are stressed out especially Chief Security Officers – and it’s also unfortunate that there’s a huge talent gap in the technology sector.

We’re not surprised to see the two are connected by occupational burnout– according to a new report by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

There are still new, talented, hungry people entering the information security field but unfortunately, the industry is seeing record low retention figures facilitated by occupational burnout at higher levels.

For entry-level IT professionals, live is for the most part good. Expectations for entry-level IT employees are basic enough and companies are more willing to be flexible. After working up the corporate ladder, things get tougher, blood pressure rises and turnover becomes more inevitable.

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Technology in the Classroom: Is it Hurting or Benefiting Our Future Workforce?

Besides walking 20 miles uphill both ways in six feet of snow to school, the older generation may remember the scent of freshly pounded chalkboard erasers and rummaging through pages upon pages of musty books in the library to find the perfect bit of research to add to a report.

Walk a post-millennial (Homelander?) through a school day in your shoes and you’ll undoubtedly receive a blank stare accompanied by a “that’s cool, want to see the app our teacher had us download today?”

The times, they are a-changin’. (And if you want another blank stare, bring up Bob Dylan.)

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