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Heartbleed and Your Secure Passwords

heartbleed and secure passwordsOnce again, password encryption is back on the minds of Americans after the discovery of the Heartbleed Bug, which is being called one of the most serious bugs to ever hit the internet.

Heartbleed is a bug in OpenSSL that allows anyone to access and read any encrypted data sent between your computer and a server. This means your username, secure password and other confidential information, including credit card numbers could be at risk.  

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Consumer Alert: Be Aware of Microsoft Tech Phone Scam


A new telephone scam is beginning to impact computer users nationwide.

“The Microsoft Tech Support Scam” involves an unwarranted solicitation from a caller identifying themselves as a tech support person with Microsoft.

The caller then details several problem areas that need to be corrected immediately on your computer...


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Business Lessons Learned From The Target Hacker Attack

The news of the recent hacker attacks against Target and most recently Nieman Marcus provide a real wake-up call for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

These two join a growing list of breached companies that over the past months have included Snapchat, Skype, and Yahoo! just name a few. Many smaller firms also reported unwanted intrusions.

The physical impact of a hacking attack can be devastating. For instance malware can infect a desktop computer and reveal administrator credentials...

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Is Your Business HIPAA Compliant?

Many businesses are under the assumption that HIPAA laws and regulations apply only to hospitals and medical systems.

However any company, practice, or organization, that deals in any way with medical information must be compliant with HIPAA laws. This includes all firms that work with healthcare entities either on an internal or external basis.

Sarah Badahman, a HIPAA Compliance Specialist with Symvato, appeared on TNtv.  She said HIPAA regulations apply to a large variety of firms from...

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A Firewall Is A Firewall, Right?


By Mike Heil, CEO, ThrottleNet, Inc.

Your firewall is the first line of defense when protecting your network from the wilds of the Internet.  Often, Firewalls are an afterthought and not given priority when working through your HIPAA technical policy manual.

A firewall is in essence a guard that questions every packet or piece of data that wants to cross either way to the Internet or in to your private network.  Good firewalls can...


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How to Secure Data - Your Number One Asset

How secure is your data? It may not be as safe as you think.

Jeff Ward, managing partner with the accounting firm Stone Carlie, appeared on TNtv.  He said business owners must think about their data as another key asset just like cash, accounts receivable and fixed assets.

Ward said there are five components of data security to include...

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Tips for Improving Network Security


More businesses than ever are depending on their network for their most important business operations. With that in mind, it’s vital that there are enough measures of security and protection taken by companies to ensure prevention of any unauthorized access to their network...

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Could Your Business Be Hacked?

Computer hacking, hackers, and the unfortunate "hackees" have been a hot topic of late.

First it was the Chinese who were thought to employ an army of hackers to penetrate government infrastructure and the Fortune 500 companies.

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant reported that these hackers were looking to gain access to broad categories of intellectual property, including technology blueprints, proprietary manufacturing processes, test results, business plans, pricing documents, partnership agreements, and emails and contact lists from the leadership of various organizations. The Chinese Government has publicly denied any involvement.


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10 Ways Your Users (Emloyees) Can Sabotage Your Network


Here are some ways your employees may accidentally sabotage your network. Simple user education can save your company money and time when it comes to network security. Afterall, some businesses NEVER recover when their server crashes, their data isn't backed up and so on.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Could Get Hacked


Find out the top 10 ways you could be putting your company at risk of being hacked. It happens more than you know, and some companies never recover.

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