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The Future of Cyber Security Threats in 2015 - Three Things To Watch

future of cyber security in 2015Cyber security and privacy are two important things to watch out for in 2015 because hackers are becoming smarter as technology continues to get better and infiltrate our lives more thoroughly.

There have been plenty of recent epidemics that have put network security top-of-mind for businesses of all sizes. In 2014 alone, there were several well-documented security risks related to both cyber security and privacy making national news headlines on a regular basis. From Target to Heartbleed to Sony, hackers are finding new ways to make commit cybercrime, and even more ways will surface in 2015.

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Business Lessons Learned from the Sony Hack Attack

By George Rosenthal

The hack attack on Sony has been a business disaster for the movie company.

In addition to leaked emails, revelation of salary data, and unfortunate disclosure of various private opinions regarding movie stars and upcoming films, the company’s stock price fell by double digits. 

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Bring Your Own Device Security Risks & BYOD Policy: Making It Work for Your Business

bring your own deviceTechnology is making Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) a part of everyday office life. More and more companies are allowing BYOD, and many of those companies are actually encouraging employees to bring their personal smartphones and tablets to the office.

A BYOD policy isn’t an employer giving their employees permission to waste away the day playing Angry Birds, or kick back and watch the big game like the kangaroo in the Dish Network commercial. Bring-your-own-device is a privilege for many employees and companies expect their employees to use their devices for work-related activities.

There is a huge trust factor that goes into BYOD, and it’s not only related to keeping employees engaged and focused on the task at hand. Bring your own device security issues are another factor to consider.

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Securing the Internet of Things

securing the internet of thingsThe “Internet of things,” or IoT for short, is quickly becoming a commonly used phrase by folks in the technology world. It’s a buzzword that relates to everyday objects that we wouldn’t normally expect to be connected to the Internet becoming well…connected to the Internet.

There are so many cool, somewhat bizarre, but also, very intriguing objects out there that have fallen under this general umbrella called the Internet of Things that have become connected.

Now, cars, thermostats, wristbands, watches and refrigerators are all online – and more and more devices are finding ways to utilize the Internet.

The Internet of Things is great. It’s trendy, it’s a phenomenon, and in many cases, the Internet of Things makes our lives easier, helping us accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently using “things” that can receive data and process commands from a remote location. Who hasn’t wanted a refrigerator that tells you you’re running low on ice cream? Did you even know a refrigerator could do that? Well, now you do, and you want one, now.

Just like computers, things connected to the Internet need to be secure. As the Internet of things continues to evolve, Internet of things security is something we have to become more and more aware of.  We’ve seen machines attack before in the movies, after all.

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Future Alternatives to Passwords: Is Change Coming?


alternatives to passwordsOver time, technology changes. 10 years ago, cloud computing didn’t exist. Neither did iPhones. The PlayStation 2 was the most advanced gaming system of all time and hybrid vehicles were just hitting the market.

There is no doubt that technology is evolving at a faster clip than ever before. Recently, there was news that credit cards would begin using pin and chip technology to cut down on identity theft, but credit card security is just one aspect of our identity, and just one piece of information that is stored online. What about password encryption?

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Combat Spam: Email Spam Filtering Techniques For Business

how to stop spam emailIn business, junk email is more than just an annoyance. Spam takes many forms; from irrelevant marketing emails about purchasing office equipment you do not need to annoying emails every time a random member of a LinkedIn group replies to a post. Junk email can really add up if you aren’t careful about managing it.

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Maintaining Privacy with Mobile Security

Are your mobile devices truly secure? Do your employees download dozens of apps that could possibly compromise your business and client information?  

Aaron Oliver, Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how to maintain business security with mobile devices.

Oliver said the controversial news about the Facebook Messenger application is a good example of how an app can generate privacy concerns and raise red flags among its users.

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Tips To Protect Your Small Business From Information Security Breaches

data protection It services for small businessSmall business owners hear about all the big information security breaches at national companies and think, “This could never happen to us!”

Not so fast. The need for IT services for small business is larger than ever, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up.

Take for instance ongoing list of information security breaches the Identity Theft Resource Center publishes.

Going through the PDF, you will see the big guys and the information security breaches you have read about on the news. Target. AT&T. Lowes. Walgreens. It’s not just those companies, though. There are hundreds of smaller companies, many in the healthcare sector, that you probably haven’t heard of who have had information security breaches in the past year.

Did these small businesses think they were susceptible to information security breaches? Probably not. It’s not about how big or how small you are, as a business owner, you have assets you consider valuable. If you consider them valuable, there is a good chance a hacker may find them useful as well.

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Has Your Company Been The Victim of Social Engineering?

Has a member of your staff been “socially engineered”? Has an apparent friendly outsider somehow manipulated a staff member to gain access to your data and breach your corporate network?

Todd Budde, a VCIO with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the dangers of social engineering and how to prevent it from occurring.

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Key Focus Areas for Technology Training

The use of technology plays an ever increasing role in day-to-day business operations. Ensuring your staff is properly trained on all related tech processes is vital for corporate productivity and long-term growth.

Todd Budde, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to address the crucial areas of focus for technology training. These include…

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