Legal Industry

At ThrottleNet, we understand the culture of today's law firm. To maintain your workflow and keep your cases on schedule, we offer our clients the best in responsive technical support.

Without reliable and highly secure IT management services, the practice of law can be progressively difficult. Downtime or data loss not only affects workload, but it also can affect the partners' reputations and the firm's profitability. Additionally, as a professional services company ourselves, we understand the important aspects of time management, document management, client communication, and accuracy when it comes to running a business such as a law firm. Requesting a continuance due to computer troubles is an unthinkable and a waste of your important time. You need a computer support firm that has the ability and the personnel to respond quickly. That's why ThrottleNet is the perfect company to support your network.

Brown & Crouppen

We contracted with ThrottleNet to build from scratch a database that would track all of our client prospects and guide our intake team to convert these prospects into clients. To say that this new database transformed our business would be an understatement. Not only did we convert more leads into clients but the advance tracking system allowed us to spend our marketing money far more effectively. ThrottleNet more than paid for themselves. I also appreciated that ThrottleNet took the time to understand our business and our processes. This was essential for a smooth transition with no interruption of our business. I would highly recommend ThrottleNet to anyone who wants to utilize really smart people to improve their business.- Edward Herman, Senior Executive Officer


To help track your time, ThrottleNet supports software applications that include:

  • Time Matters
  • Time Slips
  • TABS

We deliver solutions to accurately capture and report time, so that your valuable time is never wasted.

Document Management

We know that Document management is very important in having a successful law firm. ThrottleNet's personnel is adept at organizing large amounts of data stored on a server that ensures you will be able to find data when you and your clients need it most. In addition, we can assist your business by choosing and installing an easy-to-use, full-scale document management system that will:

  • Track changes to documents
  • Backup data
  • Organize documents and
    e-mails by user-defined criteria
  • Link documents with specific clients
  • Reduce paper use and waste

Furthermore, we can support your document solution with PC help services, remote computer backup, managed network services and much more. To learn more about ThrottleNet’s IT support for law firms, contact us any time. We can create a reliable and efficient solution for your firm and provide your firm the support you need.