More and more companies are hiring an IT consultant to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. By 2022, the cyber-security field is expected to rise exponentially, from a $137 billion industry today to $232 billion. Cyber-security experts are being relied on because decision makers are becoming more aware of the impact a potential breach can have on their organization.  There are greater needs for compliance with industry standards and importance of the cloud for streamlining operations.

When hiring an IT consultant, decision makers need to ask their prospective vendor these questions, and be satisfied with their answers before making a commitment.

When Hiring an IT Consultant, Ask About Their Experience in Your Industry

Your industry is unique, and you know it better than anyone else. You want to partner with an IT vendor who understands the compliance concerns that affect your specific trade. These include, but are not limited to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and other laws specific to your state.

When Hiring an IT Consultant, Ask About Their Portfolio and For Case Studies

Ask your prospective IT vendor for a complete list of current and former clients to understand the scope of their experience from industry to industry and the size of clients they provide service to. This will give you a solid understanding of their competencies and skills, and where your business fits in. Feel free to reach out for first-hand testimonials as well.

When Hiring an IT Consultant, Ask About their Processes

Your main concern is improving network security. Ask them how they plan to make your business more secure and what steps will they take to ensure you’re protected. Once your prospective IT vendor understands your timeline and needs, they will be able to provide in plain language a plan of attack.

Ask If Cost-Benefit Analysis Is Part of the Decision-Making Process

Your IT vendor should be committed to getting the best bang for your budget and provide recommendations that are easy to act on. Any solution should be easy to handle within your budget and have a clear-cut goal.

Ask About the Top Threats Impacting Your Organization

A one-size fits all approach does not work for every organization. Many companies don’t know where their priorities should lie. An IT consultant should be able to identify the most prominent threats that impact your company. How do they plan to protect payment information, intellectual properties or sustained system downtime?

When Hiring an IT Consultant, Ask Who You Will Be Working With

Sales professionals can talk the talk, but once the deal closes, who will be working on your project? What kind of experience do they have? Will it be a single person? Will it be a team? Will the initial consultant you meet with be there for the long haul or will you be passed on to someone much less experienced?

Looking for an IT Consultant? Ask ThrottleNet!

Communication is key to any successful vendor-client relationship. At ThrottleNet, our IT security experts can help address any of your concerns and ensure you’re comfortable with your decision. Learn more about our full suite of IT Services, and Contact us today to get started.