What is e-Skimming?

e-Skimming, or web skimming, is a method a cybercriminal performs in order to get information from a credit cardholder. It can occur any time a cardholder uses a form of electronic payment to pay for something. Essentially, e-Skimming is a type of internet fraud that occurs when the payment page of a website is compromised. Once it is compromised, malware is added to the site to steal payment information.

These cybercriminals that are watching our online shopping carts are getting our information in real-time, making it more valuable in the black market. When an online shopper enters and submits their credit card information on the e-commerce site, their information is also transmitted to a server that is controlled by the cybercriminal.

The online shopper would not be aware that their personal information was stolen since they will receive the product that they ordered; however, their bank will discover the fraudulent activity later, when the crime has already been committed.

Keeping Your e-Store Safe

Any e-commerce site that accepts online payments is at risk for e-Skimming, which makes it important for you to take preventative measures. Here are some security measures and tips to follow:

  • Keep software current and up to date
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all connected devices
  • Segregate network functions to limit accessibility
  • Keep all systems up to date with patches
  • Keep anti-virus and malware updated
  • Change default login credentials
  • Continue educating your employees
  • Create unique passwords
  • Report any online fraud to FBI at www.ic3.gov

Other security measures to follow include entering your credit card once for a site rather than repeatedly, using Apple Pay or PayPal, shop on well-known sites that are reputable, and paying close attention to credit card or bank account statements to see any possibility of misuse.

For websites to be compromised, their security must be weak. Make sure your e-Store has the proper security to be protected from e-Skimming by contacting ThrottleNet today. You don’t want to fall victim to e-Skimming, so get the cybersecurity you need from ThrottleNet!

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