Samsung is preparing to announce a launch date for the Galaxy S8, while rumors about the much anticipated iPhone 8 scheduled for the fall continue to swirl around the internet.

If you plan on replacing your current smartphone with one of these devices or have an old iPhone 4, 5 or 6 lying around in a drawer somewhere from your last upgrade, we’re pretty sure you haven’t given much thought to the question “what should I do with my old iPhone?”

It just kind of sits there.


Does it have to be this way?

A smartphone is an expensive piece of equipment no matter how you slice it. In the days of subsidized phones in exchange for contracts, you would pay $200 for an $800 phone. Today, you’re probably financing it on your phone bill or are paying the phone’s full value in some fashion.

You don’t replace your refrigerator every two years, but when you do it’s smart to move the old one to the garage or basement and give it new life as a beer fridge, granted it still runs properly.

The same principle applies to cell phones.

Below are 5 smart ways you can re-purpose your old smartphone without recycling it, donating it, losing it in a drawer or microwaving it.

Use Your Old Phone for Home Security

Instead of springing for the Nest cam, use your old phone instead.

Choose a mounting spot near an outlet, to keep the phone plugged in at all times to act as a 24/7 security camera. With the phone connected to your Wi-Fi network, download the Manything app on both your old device and new device. This will allow you to not only record on your old device when it detects movement but watch on your new device. Note, that if you are staying plugged in to ditch the case so the phone doesn’t overheat.

This solution would also work well for using your old phone as a baby monitor.

Turn Your iPhone into an iPod

Back when your phone was a phone your apps, contacts, photos and message inbox didn’t leave much room for music. You would be lucky to fit your favorite artist’s discography into your 16 GB phone and that would be pushing it.

Wipe your phone clean of everything and set it up as a new device using your iCloud account. Upgrade to the latest operating system available on your device over Wi-Fi. In iOS 10 and above, you can remove apps like Stocks, Calculator, FaceTime and iBooks. This cleans up a lot of real estate on your home screen

Put the music app front and center, connect to iTunes and sync all your favorite jams over to the phone. Now you’ve got an iPod touch. Best of all, it was completely free.

Give it to Your Kids

Your kids want to play games on your phone but you don’t want them to have your phone. There’s no telling what kind of mischief they can get into. Wipe your phone and download fun free games for them to play on-the-go. Your back seat has never been quieter!

Use it as a Smart-Hub Controller

This is a great solution if you have guests and a ton of connected devices. Using your old phone over a Wi-Fi connection loaded with all the apps you need to control your home. You can even wall mount your old phone next to your nest.

Who Needs a Go Pro When You Have an Old iPhone?

Want to record your zip lining adventure or even go scuba diving? Take a look at products like a Velocity Clip Snowboarding Camera Mount Helmet or a Watershot Pro Line Underwater Housing Case. When you get back to a Wi-Fi Connection you can upload your videos wherever you please.