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Why Sitting All Day is Dangerous and What You Can Do About It


For most of us, sitting at a desk all day is common place. But did you know sitting all day could kill you? Read on to learn more about this surprising (or not so surprising) finding.


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ThrottleNet Discusses Email Scams and Epsilon Breach on KMOV


ThrottleNet CEO Mike Heil discusses the Epsilon Breach with KMOV. Would you know how to protect yourself from email and phishing scams?

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Facebook and Twitter are becoming ever more useful information sources. If you saw a helpful post or tweet a while ago but can't remember it exactly, here is a quick and easy tool to help you find it.

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12 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts We Can All Use


It’s nice to learn a lot of different and varying hot-key combinations to minimize the amount of hand movement from the keyboard to the mouse. Try these recommended by ThrottleNet:

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Top 5 Tips for Buying a New Computer


Looking to avoid an expensive mistake? Remember these top 5 tips when buying a new computer.

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10 Awesome Google Tricks


Here are 10 little-known features across various Google services that could change the way you work, or perhaps make life that little bit easier (via PCWorld)


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Top 10 Facebook Tips for Getting Started


Need help getting started on Facebook? Try these top 10 tips from ThrottleNet. Still have questions? Let us know!

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Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011


So what does Gartner think will be the top 10 strategic technologies for most business in 2011? Take a look! (Luckily ThrottleNet can help you with most of these!)

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Introducing ShoreTel Mobility for the International Workforce


We now have the ShoreTel Mobility Solution - Redefine the meaning of the mobile workforce and put the power of the desk phone in their pockets!

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ThrottleNet on KMOV - No More Big Brother When Everyone is a Publisher.


ThrottleNet's George Rosenthal (President) comments on the YouTube video of a St. Louis cop allegedly beating a man. According to Rosenthal, it's no longer Big Brother, but Little Brother. Cameras are everywhere, including smartphones and iPods. KMOV reports.

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