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Outsourcing Pros and Cons: Reasons for and Against Outsourcing the Software Development Cycle

outsourcing pros and consOne of the biggest questions startups have is whether or not to outsource the software development cycle. There are plenty of outsourcing pros and cons to weigh and consider when making such an important decision for your business. After all, you want personnel who know software engineering inside and out, but also want the software development cycle to have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

These are some outsourcing pros and cons to consider when making this important decision for your business.

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The Future Of Credit Cards With Chip And Pin Technology Is Coming To America

credit card pin and chip technologyCredit Card chip technology has been common in Europe, and most of the world for several years, but it took a large, nationwide data breach at Target, one that taught us many valuable business lessons, to convince American banks and retailers to begin to stray away from the current credit card technology, which has been around for more than 50 years.

The future of credit cards is coming in the next 18 months, according to Bloomberg. The transition to chip and pin technology won’t be easy, though. Visa and Mastercard have set a deadline of October 2015 to implement this technology, which seems optimistic, considering only 1.5 percent of existing cards and 10 percent of sales terminals are ready as of right now.

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Key Focus Areas for Technology Training

The use of technology plays an ever increasing role in day-to-day business operations. Ensuring your staff is properly trained on all related tech processes is vital for corporate productivity and long-term growth.

Todd Budde, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to address the crucial areas of focus for technology training. These include…

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5 Best Practices for IT Support

ThrottleNet performs dozens of network assessments each month. These assessments are utilized to help businesses identify problems areas and make changes so their networks can perform at optimum levels. Interestingly, nearly all of these assessments have the same five common areas of concern.

Todd Budde, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv, to address these concerns and detail solutions to fix them. These issues include…

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What’s Your Company Worth? Part 2

Adam Herman, Director of Consulting, CPA and Accredited Business Valuator with Mueller Prost PC, paid a visit to TNtv to discuss how a business owner can value their company for a potential sale or merger.

In part 2 of a two-part series, Herman detailed that business owners need to demonstrate earnings stability as well as upward earnings growth prior to listing their company for sale. Questionable earnings growth can indicate risk with a potential buyer.

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