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What’s Your Company Worth? A Lesson in Business Valuation

Do you understand the true value of business? Is your company properly positioned for sale or transfer of stock ownership?

Adam Herman, Director of Consulting, CPA and Accredited Business Valuator with Mueller Prost PC, paid a visit to TNtv to discuss how a business owner can value their company for a potential sale or merger.

In part one of a two-part series, Herman explained that businesses are often sold for several reasons. This can include an exit strategy, handing over shares to family members, exploring a possible merger or unfortunately selling due to a divorce.

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Heartbleed and Your Secure Passwords

heartbleed and secure passwordsOnce again, password encryption is back on the minds of Americans after the discovery of the Heartbleed Bug, which is being called one of the most serious bugs to ever hit the internet.

Heartbleed is a bug in OpenSSL that allows anyone to access and read any encrypted data sent between your computer and a server. This means your username, secure password and other confidential information, including credit card numbers could be at risk.  

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Retailers Now Offer Free Consumer Credit Monitoring But Is It Enough?

Retailers Target and Micheal's are taking major steps to regain customer confidence lost in recent data breaches. Those security breaches impacted millions of customers and caused numerous credit and identity problems for shoppers.

Both companies are now offering free services to combat future problems. Some include no-charge credit monitoring for one year, free annual credit reports, access to a fraud resolution agent should you be a victim of ID theft, and fraud resolution insurance up to $1 million to cover any costs that may occur.

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Life After XP: Microsoft Windows XP Support Officially Ends

Windows XP End of life notificationWe tried to warn you back in February. You didn’t think it was true. The truth hurts though. Your time has run out. April 8th has come and gone. Microsoft Windows XP Support is a thing of the past. The end of Windows XP has arrived. What’s next? 

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It’s Your Network, Not Theirs

Does your IT vendor believe they “own” your network? Do they offer a one-sized fits all solution without understanding the nuances of your network and your business goals? Mike Heil, a Partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the need for business owners to thoroughly analyze their technology needs before investing in any type of hardware upgrade or change in their IT service plan.

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Lost in the Clouds - Understanding the Cloud for Small Business Owners

THE CLOUD!  You hear it proclaimed everywhere. Unfortunately, for many business owners, understanding its workings makes no more sense now than the first time you heard about it.

It causes you to stare at the sky and wonder what possible help or panacea exists to affordably revolutionize your business’ information technology portfolio.   The truth is your business really needs a piece of the cloud.  Here’s why…

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ThrottleNet Named Best In Reliability by Small Business Monthly

ST. LOUIS, MO -- April 4, 2014 -- ThrottleNet, a fast growing IT firm based in St. Louis, MO has been named one of the top local companies for reliability by St. Louis Small Business Monthly, a magazine providing business ideas, strategies and insights for CEOs, CFOs, presidents, owners and other top executives  to help them grow their companies.

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Where Is Your VCIO?

Is your technology is alignment with your overall business goals? Could your company benefit by utilizing the skills and experience of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on a virtual basis?

Eric Aguado, a Partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the many benefits of utilizing a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) as part of a company’s technology program.

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