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A Firewall Is A Firewall, Right?


By Mike Heil, CEO, ThrottleNet, Inc.

Your firewall is the first line of defense when protecting your network from the wilds of the Internet.  Often, Firewalls are an afterthought and not given priority when working through your HIPAA technical policy manual.

A firewall is in essence a guard that questions every packet or piece of data that wants to cross either way to the Internet or in to your private network.  Good firewalls can...


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How to Secure Data - Your Number One Asset

How secure is your data? It may not be as safe as you think.

Jeff Ward, managing partner with the accounting firm Stone Carlie, appeared on TNtv.  He said business owners must think about their data as another key asset just like cash, accounts receivable and fixed assets.

Ward said there are five components of data security to include...

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Improving Document Management with PowerFlow Solutions

How can document imaging and management software make your company more efficient?

Ross Schumaker, with PowerFlow Solutions, a document imaging and management software company, appeared on TNtv.  He said document management is a lot more than going paperless or just installing a piece of software.

Schumaker says the goal of a document management system is to...

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How to Speed Up Your Computer’s Efficiency

Do you constantly find yourself waiting for webpages to load, programs to open and your computer to boot up?  If so, there are easy ways to speed up your computer and help it run more smoothly. By simply analyzing the files and programs located on your computer, you can reduce the time waiting for items to load, the amount of energy your machine requires to run, and the cost of buying new hardware. Check out several actions you can take to improve your computer’s efficiency...

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Talk Big With EDI

Is your company looking for a real competitive advantage?

Creating an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform will enable your firm to better serve larger global-type customers while separating you from less forward-thinking competitors.

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Saving The Environment One Business At a Time with Pedro's Planet

How does Pedro’s Planet benefit other businesses in the St. Louis area?

Chuck Pass, Chief Operations Officer at Pedro’s Planet, appeared on TNtv and said his company sells “environment”.

The firm visits companies throughout the St. Louis Metro area and helps them recycle waste to include plastic, paper, toner cartridges and eWaste.

Learn More...

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Essentials for an Effective Backup System


It’s inevitable that at some point your business will experience data loss. It could be a fire, power surge, hardware failure, or even basic operator error. Not backing up important data are an invitation for disaster. To reduce the risk of losing critical business information, you need complete protection for your important files. To protect against data loss and minimize productivity loss, you need to follow a few essential principles to keep your business running smoothly.

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