Benefits of Healthcare IT OutsourcingHealthcare is perhaps the most complex sector for IT professionals. Data must be constantly accessed and protected, and hospitals need constant support around the clock, because they never close. 

Along with the significant IT needs of healthcare organizations, there is a shortage in qualified IT professionals, especially those who understand the federal regulations that affect this demanding industry. 

Internally managing IT is an option for healthcare organizations, but can be far from ideal. While many healthcare organizations have looked to save time through the cloud with hopes of reallocating key employees, managing the cloud internally has proven no less complex than managing an on-premise system.   

Luckily, healthcare IT outsourcing is an effective option for healthcare organizations, and provides incredible benefits, allowing internal staff to focus on higher-value tasks within the organization. Below are just some of the ways a healthcare IT support company can help your organization: 

Free Up Internal Resources

Healthcare IT outsourcing does not eliminate jobs. With a trusted outside source ensuring the network is always running and protected, your employees can focus on higher visibility projects like electronic health record (EHR) implementation, developing mHealth solutions or working on other projects related to analytics or IoT.  

Provide 24/7 Support

You can work your IT staff like an ER nurse and expect burnout to occur or you can have a healthcare IT support expert available on call 24/7 without having to worry about staffing. ThrottleNet operates a local help desk in St. Louis providing live support via phone, email or chat at all hours. Hospitals don’t take any time off, and neither do we. 

Cloud Workload Management & Scalability

A healthcare IT support provider handles all aspects of managing data through the cloud, and offers instant scalability in the event you need to purchase more storage. 

Decreased Downtime and Constant Monitoring

Network monitoring is crucial for healthcare organizations as the health of your network can directly correlate to the health of your patients. ThrottleNet is proud to offer industry-leading SLAs of 99.999% and our Datto solution can have your network back up and running in just minutes. We quickly identify and resolve issues so they don’t become bigger issues with legal percussion down the road. 

Experience a Healthcare IT Outsourcing Partnership

Your IT staff has more important things to worry about than maintaining the network. ThrottleNet is an expert healthcare IT support provider, and has a thorough understanding of how your technology can remain HIPAA complaint. We provide security monitoring, cloud support, network support, vendor management solutions, disaster recovery planning and much more to ensure your practice is always running full-throttle. Contact us today to learn more & get started.