Finally, a video game simulation that embodies the IT nightmare we are working every day to rid from existence!  It’s like Coffee Stain Studios was reading our minds here at ThrottleNet HQ.  You can now experience horrible IT first hand with the latest in Goat Simulation technology provided by the game, Goat Simulator.  The latest offering by cutting edge Goat experts, Coffee Stain Studios, has been heralded online as a “Masterpiece,” and “Beautiful.”
The game allows you to play the IT professional and cause havoc to a treasure trove of simulated computer systems. Just like the obnoxious IT professional, you can butt your head against equipment and break it. You can also see what it feels like to eat up profits by eating up all sorts of objects.  If during the game a manager asks you to work you can, at the push of a button, yell back at them in your best goat heckle.  If that doesn’t work, just push another button and go completely limp.  This alleviates you from any responsibility that would require effort and accountability.   But since this is a video game, you as the lazy IT professional protagonist, can actually blow things up to see what it feels like to be a goat!
Go ahead and ram cars to cause a gas station to explode!  They don’t need to turn a profit anymore anyway.  Feel free to harass the countless civilians walking around the world. I’m sure they don’t have a job to get to.  And that’s not all, there are many unlocks and achievements to discover.  There are even flying saucers!  What IT goat doesn’t love a good flying saucer?
Goat Simulator is available at for the low price of $9.99.  Or download a copy on  So if you have a Goat running your IT department, Coffee Stain Studios has bequeathed to you yet another distraction to keep them from doing their job.  This game is so good, I guarantee you will see it installed on your network in the near future.  But hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, now you can join ‘em.
This article is in no way designed to provide a real review of the actual game.  ThrottleNet Inc. does not have any affiliation with Coffee Stain Studios.  We just love April Fool’s day pranks.