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Five Advantages of eCommerce IT Management With an MSP

Ecommerce it management  - ThrottleNetTrust is a very powerful thing for ecommerce companies. Customers have several expectations of a vendor when they purchase products online. First and foremost, they want the goods they purchased when they are told they will receive them. Second, they are entrusting your organization with personal and payment information. If you fail to deliver on either of those fronts, chances are high that the customer will no longer be a customer and your company can face big penalties in the form of lost revenue and even fines.

IT and ecommerce need to work together to ensure your organization is always delivering on its promises. Large online retailers have their bases covered, but small businesses who do commerce over the internet have a much greater risk, especially if they don’t possess the tools and knowledge to execute a successful IT strategy.

Managed service providers offer ecommerce IT management solutions that make life much easier for small ecommerce vendors, allowing them to focus on selling more products while cutting costs. Discover some of the key benefits of ecommerce IT management with a trusted managed services provider.

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Is Bitcoin a Good Investment or will the Bubble Burst?

Is bitcoin a good investment - ThrottleNetFor those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, which has been the leader in the space since being introduced in 2009, cryptocurrencies are hardly understood by banks, the government, and even most of the people who trade it on a regular basis. 

Bitcoin has exploded, quadrupling in price since September. Traditional money managers are worried about cryptocurrency and are wondering if the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst. Is bitcoin a good investment? Experts are split on the matter, but one thing is for certain, cryptocurrency probably isn’t going anywhere soon. 

We’re not financial experts, but we did our research on Bitcoin. Is the virtual currency worth your time? See what we have to say.

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IT in the Financial Services Industry: Challenges from Technology & How to Overcome Them

technology-in-bankingTechnology in banking continues to grow at a rapid pace. At the forefront, we have come to expect a secure environment and easy-to-use online and mobile banking solutions, but there are so many exciting technological changes in store for the banking industry – one that depends on technology more than most.

Banking continues to change as we move into 2017. To think, the ATM was just introduced to the United States in 1969 – and mobile banking on apps has only been around since 2010. Because of rapidly improving technology and increased customer demands the banking industry faces several unique challenges. As a financial services IT consulting expert, we examine each of these challenges and how banks can overcome the hurdles technology in banking poses to them on a daily basis.

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Ready or Not, Here EMV Cards Come

Awhile back, we wrote about the future of credit cards and how pin and chip technology will potentially cut down on data breaches, as well as the challenges of a nationwide rollout.

October 1 has come and gone, and Visa and MasterCard have made good on their promise to equip their cards with the pin and chip technology that has been present in Europe for years.

The full transition to pin and chip technology (EMV cards) has probably been harder on retailers than consumers. Banks have already, or will inevitably, send consumers new cards with an explanation of the change, but not everyone is aware of these new requirements.

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Apple vs Samsung and the Mobile Pay Battle

By George Rosenthal

First it was the launch of Apple Pay. Then Facebook announced the option to send money to friends by Messenger. Now here comes Samsung Pay.

Samsung’s goal is to grab its share of a reported $50 billion mobile pay market that is expected to grow to $142 billion in four years.

According to reports the new Samsung Pay will be similar to Apple Pay. Both will support NFC-enabled payments, a sort of industry standard that allows two devices placed within a few centimeters of each other to exchange data. In order for this to work, both devices must be equipped with an NFC chip. 

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Will Chip Technology Really Make Your Credit Card More Secure?

By George Rosenthal

The government is promising to make your credit cards more secure. In fact they are going to require that every card have an embedded chip built-in by fall of 2015.

The goal is provide better security than the old swiping method and hopefully avoid the problems of fraud caused by hackers at Target and other retailers. 

The old swipe machines will eventually be laid to rest...

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Should You Be Banking On Apple Pay?

By George Rosenthal

Apple Pay is here.  This is the company’s big attempt to turn your iPhone into a wallet. It is also Apple’s attempt to grab a portion of the $4 trillion payments industry.

How does it work? First you will need an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. These phones have special “NGC” chips which are needed to pass details of payments to the retailer.

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Your Taxes: What Will You Pay? Part Two

Do you have a well thought out tax strategy? Are you planning in advance for the best possible returns for not only this year but next year as well?

Doug Mueller, President of Mueller Prost PC, a St. Louis accounting firm, appeared on TNtv to discuss how to save money on future tax returns.

In the part two of a three-part TNtv segment, Mueller discussed the importance of developing a strategic plan to...

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Your Taxes: What Will You Pay?

Do you fully understand your tax return? Are you paying too much in taxes simply because you are not aware of all the variables involved in compiling your 1040?

Doug Mueller, President of Mueller Prost PC, a St. Louis accounting firm, appeared on TNtv to discuss how you can save money on your next return.

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Technology & Divorce - Hiding Assets in...BitCoin?

Is your spouse hiding their assets through Bitcoin or another new technology? Will you and your children be short-changed during a divorce proceeding?

Jonathan Marks, attorney and owner of The Marks Law Firm, appeared on TNtv to continue his discussion of how new advancements in technology are impacting family law.

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