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Bringing Software to Light: How CIOs Can Embrace Shadow IT

Do you know why your employees are downloading software without your permission? The answer may surprise you. Shadow IT can be a CIO’s worst nightmare, but there are ways that technology managers can use it to their advantage. Learn how to use shadow IT to your advantage on the ThrottleNet blog.

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The Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT Consultant

Interview the Consultant

More and more companies are hiring an IT consultant to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. By 2022, the cyber-security field is expected to rise exponentially, from a $137 billion industry today to $232 billion. Cyber-security experts are being relied on because decision makers are becoming more aware of the impact a potential breach can have on their organization.  There are greater needs for compliance with industry standards and importance of the cloud for streamlining operations.

When hiring an IT consultant, decision makers need to ask their prospective vendor these questions, and be satisfied with their answers before making a commitment.

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How to Compromise Between Corporate & Personal Security with Your BYOD Policy

For bring-your-own device initiatives to work, data security must be ensured while respect is given for employee privacy. 

Installation of an MDM on a personal device is optional in most companies – but so is being able to use your personal devices for work. You can’t BYOD without the MDM.

The juggling act of personal privacy vs. corporate privacy is tough for many end-users to take – and honestly, who can blame them?

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Should Small Business Worry About the Facebook Scandal?

Facebook is working to restore its image with users following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, in which information on up to 87 million users was collected through a third-party application and passed on to a political consulting firm to help influence voter opinion.

The public outcry following Cambridge Analytica has caused users and businesses to leave the platform and stock prices to drop. Tesla & Playboy are among the businesses that have dropped Facebook altogether, while countless others have pulled advertising through the platform.

Analysts estimate that anywhere between 60% and 80% of small businesses have a presence on Facebook, with over half of all small businesses posting on Facebook every day.

Just as a business vows to protect any user data that flows through their payment systems and website, they also have a responsibility to safeguard the data of their customers who value them enough to like them on Facebook. If a massive data breach were to occur on Facebook, the responsibility would fall on Facebook; not the individual brand. However, some can’t help but feel guilty by association.

Should you go running for the hills and pull your business from Facebook? We don’t think so.

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Managing IT Operations in a Small Business: Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Small Business IT ManagementIt’s better to work smarter rather than harder, especially when the two roads take you to the same place. In many cases, that holds true for managing IT operations. For small businesses, maintaining and stabilizing infrastructure can keep you up at night especially when you lack the time and resources to gain control of your IT.

Regain your composure with these helpful tips for small business IT management from the experts at ThrottleNet.

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The Advantages of IT Automation & How It Can Help Your Business

IT automation is catching on as a commonly accepted practice by IT professionals to cut down on repetitive processes performed in both datacenters and cloud deployments.

Through automation, software is used to create instructions and processes that replace or reduce the degree at which humans are involved with managing an IT system.

In theory, just about every IT task can be applied some level of automation, but does not replace the need for humans to manage network infrastructure. Automation just makes managing IT easier. Automation is a method of enhancing how IT systems operate and making the most our of key personnel within your IT team.

How can your IT services benefit from an automated approach to IT?

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Making the Most of Your IT Budgeting in 2018

Blame it on recent legislation, a greater understanding of cyber security, or the weather, but small businesses are poised to spend more money on IT budgeting in 2018 than ever before.

Along with a need to protect business, small business owners are making more IT investments to improve employee productivity and remain competitive in their marketplace.

According to a recent survey of 1,300 professionals conducted by TechTarget, 17% of companies expect to grow their IT budgeting needs by more than 10% in 2018. Another 23% expected a 5-10% increase, while only 11% expect their IT budget to shrink year-over-year.

Evolution in information technology is triggering companies to go beyond traditional VPN and on-site storage with their IT plans. To keep your small business ahead of the curve, consider investing in these items when putting together your IT budget for the new year.

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Five Ways to Improve Employee Security Awareness

Employee security awareness - ThrottleNet 

What good is an IT security policy if none of your employees know exactly what it means?

According to a recent study by Kaspersky Lab, 12% of employees claim to be fully aware of their organization’s IT security policies and rules. Just less than half of employees believe they share some responsibility in preventing cyberthreats within their company.

Among survey respondents, 24% did not believe their organization even had an established IT security in place, which is a completely different story.

For small business owners, these results are cause for concern, as cyber security threats like ransomware, phishing and even internal espionage grow more sophisticated by the day.

If employee security awareness wasn’t already a top concern, these results heighten the need to properly train employees on IT protocols and develop a policy if one does not exist. 

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Five Advantages of eCommerce IT Management With an MSP

Ecommerce it management  - ThrottleNetTrust is a very powerful thing for ecommerce companies. Customers have several expectations of a vendor when they purchase products online. First and foremost, they want the goods they purchased when they are told they will receive them. Second, they are entrusting your organization with personal and payment information. If you fail to deliver on either of those fronts, chances are high that the customer will no longer be a customer and your company can face big penalties in the form of lost revenue and even fines.

IT and ecommerce need to work together to ensure your organization is always delivering on its promises. Large online retailers have their bases covered, but small businesses who do commerce over the internet have a much greater risk, especially if they don’t possess the tools and knowledge to execute a successful IT strategy.

Managed service providers offer ecommerce IT management solutions that make life much easier for small ecommerce vendors, allowing them to focus on selling more products while cutting costs. Discover some of the key benefits of ecommerce IT management with a trusted managed services provider.

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Five Tips for Sticking to Your Vendor Management Standards

Vendor management standards - ThrottleNet

Successful vendor management is like many things in life. Companies partner with software and service vendors because they offer a solution that aligns with their needs. 

Initially, everything seems great, but the first big test for a new vendor comes when you have questions or when things don’t go as planned.

When working alongside a third party there are certain vendor management standards you must adhere to in order to make the most of your relationship. Remember, you’re in this together.

So what are the secrets to nurture and utilize the most from the relationship with your software and service vendors? How can a managed services provider further simplify vendor management?

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