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Bringing Software to Light: How CIOs Can Embrace Shadow IT

Do you know why your employees are downloading software without your permission? The answer may surprise you. Shadow IT can be a CIO’s worst nightmare, but there are ways that technology managers can use it to their advantage. Learn how to use shadow IT to your advantage on the ThrottleNet blog.

Understanding the Biggest Loopholes in Your Data Recovery Plan

Loopholes in your disaster recovery plan can have serious consequences after a breach takes place. While no organization wants to fall victim to a data breach, the numbers are not on everyone’s side. Small businesses are especially susceptible to cyber security attacks. Last year, 61% of breaches occurred within the infrastructure of small companies.

While an organization can proactively manage their technology to ensure they’re always protected, a disaster recovery plan is an essential part of any IT strategy.

Truth be told, even the best DR plans can have weaknesses. In this article, we talk about the most common problems seen in DR plans and how they can be addressed.

5 Reasons Startups Need to Invest in IT Support Services

Time and money are extremely important for startups trying to make it in today’s business environment. As an entrepreneur trying to prove an idea to the world, you don’t have time to handle IT yourself and don’t have the money to hire a CIO who will command a 6-figure salary and several weeks of vacation.

Because hiring internally isn’t always ideal or feasible for the cost-conscious, hands-on business owner or investor, many see incredible value in outsourced managed services providers to ensure their IT is working just as hard as they are.

In the hot St. Louis startup scene, your business needs a competitive advantage. Outsourcing critical IT functions may be the answer. Read more about why bootstrapping startups in the St. Louis area should turn to a Managed Network provider to keep their IT in check.

ThrottleNet Once Again Ranked Among Top 501 Managed Service Providers Globally

MSP 501 Winner 2018

St. Louis, MO – June 27, 2018 - ThrottleNet, an IT firm based in St. Louis, MO, once again ranks among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), according to the Channel Futures 11th-annual MSP 501 list and study. The top MSP 501 companies ranked this year include organizations from around the world and from diverse technology and business backgrounds.

This is the fourth consecutive year ThrottleNet has made the MSP 501 ranking. It improved its ranking to #172 in the 2018 survey, moving up 16 spots from the 2017 survey. The complete 2018 MSP 501 list is available at Channel Futures.

The 2018 MSP 501 list is based on data collected by Channel Futures and its partner, Channel Partners, which used an algorithm that assesses company strength based on revenue contributions from key go-to-market activities, and specific activities are weighted differently than others. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, growth and other factors.

Read what Channel Futures has to say about ThrottleNet.

Debunking Common Cyber Security Myths Believed by CEOs

Alongside ensuring the day-to-day elements of their business are running successfully, CEOs hold a big responsibility in maintaining the security of their network.

How they handle network security and delegate responsibilities to maintain it are often based on their own beliefs about technology and how it relates to security. Unfortunately, while all CEOs have the best intentions and believe their organization is doing everything it can to counter cybersecurity concerns some of these beliefs miss the mark and leave their organization open to vulnerabilities.

In this article, we bust some of these cyber security myths and discuss the truth about each belief.

A Lesson in Wi-Fi Router Security: How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Environment

Earlier this month the FBI put out a call to all internet users: Reboot your router! Now, they’re asking consumers to do a little more, by updating router firmware and doing a full factory reset. 

The cries for action come after it was discovered that Russian hackers infected over half a million consumer routers with a malware known as VPNFilter, which performs a “man in the middle” attack on incoming web traffic. Experts are still trying to determine exactly what VPNFilter can do, but we know that it can modify the content delivered by websites, steal credentials and even issue a self-destruct command. 

To infiltrate the routers, hackers took advantage of known exploits or default credentials that come pre-packaged with each device, making the attack simple to carry out.

The Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT Consultant

Interview the Consultant

More and more companies are hiring an IT consultant to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. By 2022, the cyber-security field is expected to rise exponentially, from a $137 billion industry today to $232 billion. Cyber-security experts are being relied on because decision makers are becoming more aware of the impact a potential breach can have on their organization.  There are greater needs for compliance with industry standards and importance of the cloud for streamlining operations.

When hiring an IT consultant, decision makers need to ask their prospective vendor these questions, and be satisfied with their answers before making a commitment.

How to Compromise Between Corporate & Personal Security with Your BYOD Policy

For bring-your-own device initiatives to work, data security must be ensured while respect is given for employee privacy. 

Installation of an MDM on a personal device is optional in most companies – but so is being able to use your personal devices for work. You can’t BYOD without the MDM.

The juggling act of personal privacy vs. corporate privacy is tough for many end-users to take – and honestly, who can blame them?

Know the Risks of Chrome Extension Malware and How to Protect Yourself

According to a report released earlier this month, more than 100,000 Google Chrome users were affected after downloading malware from browser extensions in the official Chrome Web Store.

The chrome extension malware attack was created by crisis actors who had hijacked legitimate browser extensions, most commonly an app called “Nigelfly” which replaces pictures with the face of cartoon character Nigel Thornberry (whom we have never heard of before this) with malicious scripts. By taking advantage of existing apps in the Chrome store, the hackers could bypass Google’s extension validation checks. Along with Nigelfly, at least 7 other apps were used during the scheme, and Google has been able to remove several of these apps from the Chrome store.

Read more about the risks of Chrome extension malware and how to protect yourself.

A Case for Partial IT Outsourcing: Supplementing Your Team with Managed Services

Integrating managed services into an organization does not have to be a fully-outsourced solution. More and more organizations are turning to managed network providers for partial IT outsourcing even if they currently have and wish to continue to have an internal team managing aspects of their information technology.

A reliable managed network partner can seamlessly work as a supplement to your existing IT team, helping monitor your infrastructure, manage security requirements and help resolve any everyday incidents that may occur.

Discover 5 reasons why companies who intend to continue managing IT in-house can still benefit from partial IT outsourcing with a Managed Network provider.

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