Vroom IT Vendor Management Solutions

ThrottleNet’s Vroom Vendor Management Program is your support lifeline. Vroom IT vendor management support – included in ThrottleNet’s managed network packages takes the guesswork out of managing your technology. We work directly with your vendors to ensure timely resolution of issues allowing you to focus your efforts on running your business instead of worrying about IT vendor management.

Over the past nearly two decades, we have discovered that when two techs talk tech together, things get done faster.
IT vendor management is tough, especially when business owners don’t have a background in technology. This disconnect can make IT infrastructure management more challenging and time consuming than it should be.  
With the Vroom vendor management program, ThrottleNet customers benefit by:  

  • Having an IT partner who fully understands their business, network, hardware and software inventory 
  • Having access to experts who can properly communicate complex IT issues directly with vendors
  • Having time to focus on more important things, like growing business and accomplishing goals
  • Getting the support you need - fast

When things go wrong with your third-party technology do you know where to start? ThrottleNet has the expertise and will save you time by handling the situation for you. 

Streamline IT Infrastructure Management with ThrottleNet

ThrottleNet’s managed services are designed to help your IT work for you, not against you. We take the hassle out of IT vendor management and work to quickly resolve any problems that your technology is causing you. These issues can severely impact the productivity of your business which in turn, affects your bottom line. Let the Vroom vendor management program and ThrottleNet’s complete line of managed network products work for your business. Contact us today

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How It Works?

When critical issues occur, ThrottleNet steps in and directly contacts your vendor to achieve a quick resolution. Vroom IT vendor management is included in ThrottleNet’s managed network programs, and can be utilized to resolve problems you weren’t even aware of, thanks to Everfuel remote monitoring services. ThrottleNet’s IT vendor management solutions work like this:

  1. A third-party product fails
  2. You contact ThrottleNet
  3. We contact the vendor and determine how to fix it
  4. If additional support is needed on-site, your ThrottleNet Support Crew will work towards resolving the issue
  5. Business returns to normal




RBO PrintLogistix:

"ThrottleNet makes IT completely hassle free. Their proactive approach to network efficiency and security is integral to our achievement in the B2B marketplace. Delivering leading-edge online storefronts for enterprise-level businesses is at the heart of our print and marketing solutions. Therefore, a stable network and reliable connectivity is vital to the success of our business. Their cloud mail and backup solution has mitigated any risk of data loss and ensured we’ll always have access to our clients’ digital assets and files."

"Ultimately, ThrottleNet’s quick response and expertise has been crucial in supporting our infrastructure at RBO PrintLogistix."
- Jim Riley, CEO and President of RBO PrintLogistix


Plancorp: Provided the Tech Tools to Help Us Serve Our Clients

"Over the past 10 years, Plancorp has experienced significant growth. We have transformed from a small practice in one location with fewer than 10 employees to now having 25 employees in three locations in different states. Immediate access to data, regardless of the location, is essential as is the integrity of that data. ThrottleNet has been an important partner in our incorporation of the latest tools we need to optimally serve our clients. Additionally, Managed Network has given our organization better control over the costs of maintaining our network. Technically, the remote functions have identified, and usually dealt with, potential problems before they interfered with our work."
- Dr. Robert Tucker, Vice President


Bridgeton Animal Hospital: Prompt and Friendly

"We LOVE ThrottleNet! We called with a computer problem and your team immediately resolved the issues, were prompt and very friendly. We have never had this type of experience with any other computer company we have worked with in the past. We are relieved that another vet recommended ThrottleNet to the Bridgeton Animal Hospital. You guys are the best!"
- Dr. Kay Tung, Veterinarian


LMC Industries: Excellent Managed Network for Manageable Cost

 "ThrottleNet brought a team approach to LMC's I.T. support by combining a fully staffed Support Center with Field Engineers to address our technical issues at a manageable cost. After seven years of working with ThrottleNet, we can say that we have found a vendor that we can trust. We would gladly recommend ThrottleNet's Managed Network solution to other companies in St. Louis."

- Keith Sullentrop, CFO of LMC Industries