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our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, everyone is important. From our team to yours, ThrottleNet operates with an expectation of treating you with most superior service in the marketplace.

ThrottleNet is an "Open Book" Management organization. What this means within our organization is that all team members, regardless of tenure and/or level within the company, have access to, and share in, the company financials.

It is a method of management that results in everyone truly having a stake in the success of the organization and empowers each team member to make decisions about how the company operates. In essence, all team members work as a cohesive unit to ensure the success of ThrottleNet with each taking responsibility.

Benefits to you

  • World Class Customer Service
  • Increased productivity due to decreased downtime and less end-user frustration
  • Freedom and flexibility resulting from no long term commitments

What our philosophy means to you

With profit sharing in place you can expect an unsurpassed level of customer service; your exceeded satisfaction ultimately dictates the overall profitability of the company. 

If the expected level of service isn't provided you can leave without penalty. This results in not only the decreased profitability of ThrottleNet but also its team members.

This method of management serves to ensure the highest level of customer service to your end-users and is why Throttlenet doesn't require contracts or setup fees. 

We truly live and die by our service.