Our History

In 1999, George Rosenthal was employed at a large software development firm here in St Louis.  While that firm provided excellent software, George found their customer service lacking.  They kept their software code and passwords secret and basically held their clients hostage.  George looked at this and thought, “There has to be a better way to do business.”

That’s when George founded ThrottleNet, originally a development company.  A driven entrepreneur, he sacrificed his breaks and made cold calls during his lunch hour.  Once he landed his first client, he hired a developer, and ThrottleNet began to grow.

In 2010, ThrottleNet introduced Managed Network.  Managed Network is the culmination of years of listening to our clients and local business owners.  We structured Managed Network into a simple, all inclusive, easy to understand package so business owners can be informed when evaluating their IT needs.  This transparency gives clients confidence that they are receiving the best customer service possible.

ThrottleNet continues to grow and find new ways to maximize service and capability and to minimize hassle and stress for customers.